GS 1989 art 155

GS 1989 ARTICLE 155

In closed session Committee II presents:

Agenda Item VIII, D, 19


  • 1. Appeal br. L. VanZandwijkre Acts Synod 1986, Art. 159


  • 1. Br. L. VanZandwijk requests the re-instatement of the word “Christian” in the title of art. 27 B.C., to read, “Catholic, Christian Church.”
  • 2. Synod Burlington-West, 1986, refused to comply with a similar request upon the consideration that “Br. L. VanZandwijk gives no (new) grounds why this should now be changed.”


  • 1. The title of art. 27 B.C. used to read “the Catholic, Christian Church.” (p.377 old Book of Praise) Br. L. VanZandwijk considers that, “No reason for the removal of the word ‘Christian’ or for the defeat of proposals to re-instate this word [Synod Cloverdale, Art.173, p.140] were ever given to any church or church-member.”
  • 2. Synod, having observed the grounds adduced by br. L. VanZandwijk, considers:
    • a. that for reasons of consistency among the Creeds and the Confessions the word “Christian” should be used in the title of Art. 27 B.C.
    • b. in view of the titles adopted by other English speaking denominations, the word “Christian” should be re-instated.


Synod decide:

  • to re-instate the word “Christian” in the title of art. 27 B.C.