GS 1989 art 135

GS 1989 ARTICLE 135

Committee IV presents: Agenda Item VIII, D, 10


Letter from the Church at Coaldale, AB. re Acts Regional Synod West (Chilliwack, March 31 -April 3, 1987) art. 13, 14.


  • 1. The Church at Coaldale realizes that reconciliation in the breach within the Immanuel Church at Edmonton has become impossible because one party has joined the OCRC and the other has called a new minister.
  • 2. The reason the Church at Coaldale still appeals the decisions of Regional Synod West 1987 are the following:
    • a. Coaldale is still “appalled at the way Classis AB/MB and Regional Synod dealt with the matters concerned.”
    • b. recognition of wrongdoings may prevent repetition in the future.
    • c. unconfessed sins lead to the Lord’s judgment.
    • d. concern for the name and reputation of the Canadian Reformed Churches who must publicly take distance from wrongdoings committed in their midst.
  • 3. Coaldale stresses that this appeal does not mean that it condones the actions of Rev. DeBruin c.s.


The Church at Coaldale is properly appealing a decision of a minor assembly according to art. 31 C.O.


Synod decide:

to declare this appeal admissible.