GS 1989 art 128

GS 1989 ARTICLE 128

Committee I presents: Agenda Item VIII, I, I, 1


  • 1. Report of Committee for Churches Abroad
  • 2. Letter from the Church at Hamilton re ICRC

VI— International Conference of Reformed Churches


The Committee notes that

  • 1. Preparations are under way for the Canadian Reformed Churches to host the meeting of the ICRC in Vancouver on June 19-29, 1989. An agenda is presented.
  • 2. The following delegates have been appointed to represent the Canadian Reformed Churches at the ICRC meeting:
    • Rev. Cl. Stam —voting delegate
      Rev. J. Visscher — voting delegate
      Dr. J. Faber — advisor
      Dr. C. Van Dam — advisor
  • 3. The Committee also proposed that the topic of inter-church relations be added to the agenda of the ICRC, and be dealt with in a workshop format.
  • 4. Unless otherwise directed, they will carry out the mandate as received from Synod Burlington 1986.


  • 1. With regard to the ICRC, the Committee has properly fulfilled its mandate to this point.
  • 2. Regarding the REC, some member churches have not come to a firm position re the incompatibility of membership in the ICRC with membership in the REC.


Synod decide:

  • 1. to thank the Committee for the work done in regard to the ICRC.
  • 2. that the Committee overtures the ICRC to make discussion of the Constitution a matter of priority.
  • 3. that the mandate as expressed by Synod 1986, Art. 175, D, 2, a, b, c be maintained.
  • 4. that the delegates keep the churches informed regarding the activities of the Conference by means of Press Releases.


The following motion to amend the Advisory Committee proposal is made and duly seconded:

Synod decide:

  • to add Recommendation 5
  • to have our delegates recommend to the next possible meeting of the ICRC to delete from the Constitution and Regulations of the ICRC: Regulation, Article VI 1


The Committee Report is