GS 1986 art 93

GS 1986 ARTICLE 93

Re Linguistic Changes to the Church Order

Committee 3 presents :


–   Agenda VIII, F, 2 Letter from br. R. Wildeboer.


  • 1.     Br. R. Wildeboer proposes in his letter, dated September 10, 1985, “to apply legal drafting techniques to our Church Order that will add clarity, consistency, and correctness.”
  • 2.     Br. Wildeboer has prepared a list of “proposed amendments” to that effect.
  • 3.     He is of the opinion that the Church Order can be improved. He still sees many errors in grammar, diction, and structure in both language and presentation.


  • 1.     The list of proposed changes which br. Wildeboer presents to this Synod ap­pears to be mainly linguistic in character.
  • 2.     These proposed changes warrant a careful examination.
  • 3.     Synod 1983 appointed a Standing Committee for the Book of Praise. and charged it to scrutinize and correct the text of the entire Book of Praise in order to achieve uniformity with respect to language and punctuation (Acts 1983, Art. 123, D. Recommendation, 12 and 13).


Synod decide:

  • To pass on the linguistic changes proposed by br. Wildeboer to the Standing Com­mittee for consideration of incorporation in the next printing of the Book of Praise.

The recommendation is ADOPTED .