GS 1983 art 67

GS 1983 ARTICLE 67Farewell Rev. J.J. Peterson and Adjournment

Since the Rev. Jack J. Peterson, representative of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church is leaving Synod this day. he receives the floor and speaks a few words of gratitude for the warm hospitality received. He has appreciated being in the midst of Synod for a few days, and bids Synod farewell under the grace of the Lord

The chairman speak s the following words of farewell to Rev. Peterson:

“Dear Brother Peterson,

Last night our brother VanderWel replied to the address which you gave. It is not my intention to add anything to his very capable handling of the matter and his Christian reply. However, this is the day you are going to leave us, and it is the duty of the chair­ man to welcome delegates and to bid them farewell

You have conversed among us for some three-and-a-half days. You have seen us, you have heard us, you have tasted us, so to speak. You have seen many of our weak­ nesses, you must also be aware of our strength, a strength which is not the fruit of prac­tice or exercise, but of grace and mercy bestowed upon us.

During these three-and-a-half days you will have learned to know us a little, to un­derstand us a little better, we hope. One of the first words you said to me after your ar­rival was: “I know who you are, for I read the News Medley.” I am certain that you will be even better able to grasp this phenomenon with in the Canadian Reformed Churches from now on.

Now our ways part. May it be temporarily. And may both you and we continue to travel together, though separated by distance. You know what I mean.

From what you said to us in your address it has become very clear where you stand: on the basis which has been laid by prophets and apostles. This will not make things easier for you. The concerns which you found with us must also live with you, concerns about the course which many in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church appear to take. The struggle to remain faithful to our Lord and Saviour will be hard and long and, at times, perhaps seem to be fruitless and hopeless.

Know that also here, in this country, there are men and women who desire to remain obedient to their Lord and King. Let me conclude with these words:

Go forth in His service, Be strong in His might To conquer all evil

And stand for the right, For this is His word:

His saints shall not fail, But over the earth

Their power shall prevail.

May the Lord be with you.”

Session is closed. The Advisory Committees meet.