GS 1983 art 44

GS 1983 ARTICLE 44Dr. K. Deddens accepts Appointment

After Dr. K. Deddens has conveyed the best wishes of br. and sr. J. Bol (currently of Groningen, The Netherlands), he addresses Synod as follows:

” Mr. Chairman, dear brethren!

I want to express my thankfulness for the confidence that Synod has placed in me.

As for me, it is not only a great honour, but also a great challenge to undertake to do the task of teaching in Diaconiology at the Theological College in Hamilton.

I cannot but admire and have respect for the courage and the faith of the Canadian Reformed Churches to establish four full-time chairs in this College, and to have a lec­turer as well.

We cannot hide the fact that the consequences for me and my family are not so slight. We have to leave so many relations in The Netherlands! We are connected with very many ties over there.

One can ask: “Who, then, is capable for such a task as in the present case? But my help is in the Name of the Lord, who made heaven and earth!

With this help I will follow this call, and I am very glad to inform you that I will ac­cept this appointment. That is my answer to the official appointment of the Board of Gov­ernors.

I promise to do my work depending upon the grace of God and in faith fulness to His Word.

May our Lord give us all we need, and may He bless His Churches here and in The Netherlands!

For the blessing of the Lord makes rich!”