GS 1983 art 37

ARTICLE 37Congratulations Rev. W. W. J. VanOene

The vice-chairman, the Rev. J. Geertsema, congratulates the Rev. W.W.J. VanOene that he may this day commemorate his 40th anniversary as minister of the Word. He notes gratefully that more than half of this period could be spent in the midst of the Cana­dian Reformed Churches and that the Rev . VanOene’s place has been significant from the early years on. having been enabled by the Lord to contribute to the upbuilding of the Churches in this country. On behalf of Synod he offers the Rev. VanOene an instru­ment designed especially for the temporary use of the chairman.

The Rev. VanOene expresses gratitude for the words spoken. He is thankful for the grace of having been allowed to serve the Lord during the past 40 years.