GS 1983 art 139

GS 1983 ARTICLE 139Proposals re Printing and Distributing of Acts and Reports

The proposals of the brethren Stam and Visscher re the printing and distributing of Acts of Synod and Reports to Synod and the Churches are adopted.


  • Re The Board of Governors
    • The Standing Committee for the Book of Praise
    • The Committee on Correspondence with Churches Abroad
    • The Committee for Contact with the Orthodox Presbyterian Church The Committee on Bible Translations.
    • All reports to Synod should be printed in a uniform format (same size and type style as Acts 1980, and Acts 1983) in order to facilitate possible incorporation into the Acts as appendices.
  • 2.  To supply as many copies of reports to the local Churches as there are office bearers, plus 2 copies for the local archives, 35 copies for the convening Church and as many copies as may be required for internal committee use or for Church­es Abroad.
  • 3.  To send 3 copies of each report to the Library of the Theological College.


  • 1.  To base the number of copies of the Acts on the number of copies of the Year-book of the Canadian Reformed Churches as published annually.
  • 2.  To pass on to the Committee for Correspondence 12 copies of the Acts.
  • 3.  To pass on to the Committee for Contact with the OPC 6 copies.
  • 4.  To send 3 copies of the Acts to the Theological College, and 1 copy to the Theologische Hogeschool (Kampen).