GS 1980 art 4

GS 1980 ARTICLE 4Time Schedule and Procedures

The Chairman addresses Synod. He thanks the brothers for the confidence that they have placed in the officers. He also expresses the appreciation of Synod for the way in which the convening Church at Smithville has prepared matters relating to the Synod. It is evident that much time and effort has been spent in sorting and mailing the material, in readying the facilities at the disposal of Synod and in arranging for the care of the delegates.

Synod is adjourned to give the executive the opportunity to arrange a time schedule and to set rules of procedure.

After re-opening, the following arrrangements are adopted:

  • a)  Morning sessions  9:00 • 12:30;
    • Mondays 10:00 • 12:30;
    • Afternoon sessions 2:00 • 5:00;
    • Evening sessions      7:00 • 9:30;
    • Saturday sessions  9:00 • 12:30.
    • On November 7 Synod will adjourn at 3:30 p.m. in order to give the delegates sufficient time to attend the Convocation Evening of the Theological College. This schedule applies also to the meetings of the Advisory Committees. If possible the evening sessions will be used for plenary sessions.
  • b)  Mail received after 12:00 noon, Monday, November 10, 1980, will not be dealt with by Synod.
  • c)  The Press Release will not be published until after Synod has adjourned.
  • d)  Motions and amendments shall be submitted in writing.
  • e)  The Advisory Committees of Synod shall provide each member with a copy of their reports prior to the session in which the matter will be dealt with and provide the First Clerk with three copies for the publication of the Acts.
  • f)  When the Advisory Committees meet, the meetings shall be opened and closed with prayer and thanksgiving in plenary session.
  • g)  There will be no smoking during the sessions.
  • h)  Copies of the respective documents will only be made available to members of the Synod.