GS 1980 art 36

GS 1980 ARTICLE 36Re-opening – Remembrance Day

The Chairman requests the brothers to sing Hymn 42:1. He reads from Revelation 5:1-10, leads in prayer and addresses the Synod with the following words:

  • “Beloved brothers,
  • Today is the official day of Remembrance on which our thoughts go to all the soldiers and the non-combatants who lost their lives during two world wars.
  • As Canadians, of whom many are of Dutch descent, we think especially about the liberation of the old country from the oppressive occupation by a hostile power. A liberation in which our fellow Canadians had such an important part.
  • We also remember how large parts of Europe were almost brought to death by starvation during a long occupation. A starvation which was not only a physical burden, but was more of a spiritual character.
  • That we now live in our country, which honours spiritual freedoms in watching for the welfare of the civil state and in the protection of the sacred ministry that so the Kingdom of Christ may be promoted, is the more reason for gratitude.
  • I, therefore, invite you to rise and sing our national anthem.” “O Canada” is sung.