GS 1980 art 26

GS 1980 ARTICLE 26 – General Address Church

Committee I presents:

A. Material

  • Agenda VIII, P – Report of the Address Church, the Church at Burlington-East.

B.  Observations

  • 1. Synod Coaldale 1977 appointed the Church at Burlington-East as the “Address Church.”
  • 2. No documents were received by the Church at Burlington-East.
  • 3. An organization under the name “The Canadian Reformed Fellowship,” having no relationship with the Canadian Reformed Churches, and having been approached by the Church at Burlington-East, has changed its name.

C. Recommendations

Synod decide:

  • 1. To thank the Church at Burlington-East tor their diligence in this matter.
  • 2.  To re-appoint the Church at Burlington-East as the General Address for the Canadian/American Reformed Churches.