GS 1980 art 2

GS 1980 ARTICLE 2Credentials

The Chairman of the convening Church calls upon the brothers M. Hofsink and F. Ruggi, clerks of the convening Church, to examine the credentials. They report that the following delegates are present with proper credentials:

From the Regional Synod East:

  • Ministers: J. Geertsema, J. Mulder, Cl. Stam and M. van Beveren;
  • Elders: H. Aasman, J. Bartels, G. VanWoudenberg and F. Wildeboer.
  • Br. J. Bartels is present as an alternate in place of br. A. Koster.

From the Regional Synod West:

  • Ministers: S. deBruin, D. VanderBoom, J. Visscher and J.D. Wielenga;
  • Elders: E.G. Baartman, C. Hoogerdijk, A.H. Lubbers and W. VanAssen.
  • Br. W. VanAssen is present as an alternate in the place of br. M. Hooijmeyer.

Since both Regional Synods are duly represented, the General Synod can be constituted.