GS 1980 art 139

GS 1980 ARTICLE 139 – Book of Praise (Liturgical Forms) – Form for the Ordination/Installation of Ministers of the Word

A. Material – 

Agenda VIII, B, 8, 9.

B. Observations

  • 1. The Committee has served Synod with a Revised Form for the Ordination/ Installation of Ministers of the Word in accordance with the mandate received from Synod Coaldale, 1977 (Acts, Article 60, Recommendation 4).
  • 2. Synod has received no communications from the Churches regarding this revision.
  • 3. The Committee on Translation and Revision has not provided Synod with any remarks/comments regarding the Revision of this Form.
  • 4. The Committee proposal has deleted the words, “The sermon being finished, the minister shall thus speak to the congregation.”
  • 5. The proposed Form is an extensive revision of the old Form; various parts having been rearranged/deleted/added.

C. Considerations

  • 1. Since the churches have received the proposed revision but have not ad­ dressed Synod concerning this proposal, there would seem to be no reasons for considering the revision too extensive for adoption (see Observations 2 and 5).
  • 2. Under “Duties” (third) the revision reads, “it is his duty as pastor to call upon … ” etc.
  • In accordance with Ephesians 4:11, 12 and the preceding explanation of I Timothy 5:17 this should read: “as pastor and teacher.” See also further in the Form.
  • 3. The second question to the minister, “Do you receive ... as … ” should read (as in the Old Form), “Do you believe … to be  “
  • 4. The suggested answer “I do” does not respond to the first question (I am). Since this first question introduces the words “in your heart,” the answer should read (as previously) “I do with all my heart.”

D. Recommendation

Synod decide to adopt the Revised Form for the Ordination/Installation of Ministers of the Word, as emended by Synod.