GS 1980 art 11

GS 1980 ARTICLE 11 – Request –  Church at Lincoln

Committee IV presents:

A. Material

Agenda VIII, J – Request of the Church at Lincoln regarding the delegate of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church.

B.  Observations

  • 1. The Church at Lincoln requests Synod “to deal with the appeals, pro­posals, etc., concerning the Orthodox Presbyterian Church FIRST BEFORE granting any delegates of this Church privileges of the floor.”
  • Lincoln explains this request by stating: “Synod must take note of and deal with the objections against the decisions of Coaldale 1977, Acts Article 91 BEFORE that decision can be executed by having such delegates address Synod and have other privileges.”

C. Considerations

  • 1. The Acts of the Synod Coaldale 1977, Article 91, III, Recommendation, reads: “Synod decide to offer to the Orthodox Presbyterian Church a temporary relation­ship called ‘ecclesiastical contact’ with the following rules:
    • a. to invite delegates to each other’s General Assemblies or General Synods and to accord such delegates privileges of the floor in the Assembly or Synod, but no vote;”
  • 2. Article 91, IV, Recommendation of the same Acts of Synod Coaldale 1977 reads: “Synod decide to continue the Committee for Contact with the Orthodox Presby­terian Church with the mandate:
    • a.  to inform the Committee on Ecumenicity and lnterchurch Relations of the decisions of Synod regarding the Orthodox Presbyterian Church;
    • b. to continue the contact with the Orthodox Presbyterian Church while taking into account the rules for “Ecclesiastical Contact;”
  • 3. The Committee for Contact with the Orthodox Presbyterian Church, executing its mandate, invited the General Assembly of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church to send a delegate to this General Synod, who would receive the privilege of the floor.
  • 4. This Synod cannot deny a delegate of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church the right to exercise the privileges of the floor once an invitation has been extended and accepted, and as long as the General Assembly of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church has not been informed of any change in our relationship with them.

D.  Recommendation

Synod decide:

not to accede to the request of the Church at Lincoln.