Standing Decisions – Canadian Reformed

Thus far the acts of GS 2019 back to GS 2007 can be searched. We are currently working on 2004.

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Old Format (applies only to select recent synods)

Abbreviations and Nomenclature

Acts of Assemblies

Address Church

Admissibility – CO 31


Appointments to Committees

Archives, General Synod

Assemblies, directives from one to another

Baptism, administration of

Book of Praise – see also Standing Committee for the Book of Praise

Bible Translation

Capitalization of Divine Pronouns

Church Order, applying, understanding, significance

Church Practice, deciding to 

Church Visitation

Common, Matters belonging to the churches in

Committees of General Synod, Organization


Congregational Meetings

Creeds & Confessions

Days of Prayer

Deacons, place of

Delegates to Assemblies

Ecclesiastical Fellowship

Ecclesiastical Fellowship, process to establish new

General Synods

General Synods: Housekeeping matters

Individuals and Broader Assemblies (see: Admissibility)

Interchurch Relations

Inter-church Bodies

Late Submissions to Assemblies

Liturgical Texts

Liturgical Forms

“Living in the Churches”

Local Church, jurisdiction of

Lord’s Supper, administration of

Lord’s Supper, admission to

Major Assemblies


Media & Press (at synods)

Membership Transfer

Minister Credentials (cf: Rules for Ecclesiastical Fellowship)

Needy Students Fund

Overtures (Proposals)

Participants of Assemblies

Pastoral Training Program

Psalms & Hymns, trialling new

Psalms & Hymns, melodies

Psalms & Hymns, texts of

Public Profession of Faith (Liturgical Form)

Reports to Assemblies

Requests (Proposals)

Retirement of Ministers

Route of CO Article 30

Seminary including CRTS

Shut-ins & worship

Sister Churches – see Ecclesiastical Fellowship

Songs – see Psalms & Hymns

Standing Committee for the Book of Praise (SCBP)

Subscription, Forms of

Voting at Assemblies

“Way of the Church Order”



Women Voting

Women and Office

Worship Services